A Simple Dropbox Replacement

Here’s how to make your very own personal Dropbox replacement

1) Install the same version of ‘unison’ both on the server and client.  Install ‘inotify-tools’ on the client.  Create a folder on the client that you would like to use for syncing.

2) Install ‘openssh-server’ on the server.  Create a user on the server with the same name as the client that will be syncing to it.  Also create a sync folder in the user’s home folder.

3) To avoid being asked for the password all the time on the client:

  1. Generate an RSA key pair used to authenticate with the server (instead of using a password): ssh-keygen -t rsa
  2. Send your RSA key to your server: ssh-copy-id USERNAME@SERVER
  3. Now SSH to your server and it shouldn’t ask for a password. If you get an “Agent admitted failure to sign using the key” error, try ‘ssh-add’ and repeat this step.

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