Configuring Syncthing in Windows, Linux, and on a Synology NAS

Syncthing is a useful open source tool to keep all of your files in sync over multiple computers. It works like Dropbox, but it’s a peer-to-peer system instead of having a central repository to host all of your files.

Windows Set Up

  1. Download the windows client from the Syncthing website.
  2. Copy the EXE file to a folder on your Windows machine.
  3. Create a Batch file in the same folder with the following:
    • start “Syncthing” syncthing.exe -no-console -no-browser
  4. Create a shortcut to the batch file and copy it to the startup folder. The startup folder can be accessed by entering “shell:startup” in the run dialog box.
  5. Admin interface is located at

Update: SyncTrazor is a small stand-alone browser that automatically runs, restarts, updates etc. Syncthing for you.

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Configuring Syncevolution to Sync via CalDAV/CardDAV

Open up a terminal window and enter the following replacing {hosturl}, {emailaddress}, and {password} with your own credentials:

$ syncevolution --configure --template webdav syncURL=https://{hosturl}:2080/ username={emailaddress} password={password} target-config@webdav
$ syncevolution --print-databases syncURL=https://{hosturl}:2080/ username={emailaddress} password={password}

The above command will show you the database URL’s. Since my addressbook wasn’t Continue reading