Building Asterisk 13 + FreePBX 13 on the SheevaPlug

Building Asterisk 13 + FreePBX 13 on the SheevaPlug

In this tutorial you can read how to configure your very own open source PBX server on a SheevaPlug.

If you just purchased a new SheevaPlug, there are steps that you need to take to make it boot from an SD card.

Setting up a new SheevaPlug for the first time is outside the scope of this article, so please refer to this site instead.

Here are all of the files that you will need to get started.  Copy them to a USB flash.  Be sure to use the 3.4.19 version of Uboot.bin which is included in the archive.  More helpful files for your Sheevaplug can be found at  This will allow you to connect to your Sheevaplug from within Windows.  First install the Sheevaplug drivers from within Device Manager.  Then install Putty and connect to your Sheevaplug at a baudrate of 115200.  Use the following commands to install Debian on your Sheevaplug: Continue reading

Securing Mythweb with Apache

Securing Mythweb with Apache

This method is slightly more efficient than the .htaccess method, but is complicated by the fact that you must restart Apache and mis-configuring the Apache configuration file will keep Apache from restarting.

Apache password file

We will start with creating an Apache password file. I put this in /etc/httpd/conf, as I back up this directory every night to one of my other systems.

htpasswd -c /etc/httpd/conf/httpd-passwords MYUSER1

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Configuring Your Gargoyle Router to Load Files From Another Machine

If you are looking to configure your Gargoyle router to load the files from another machine (remote boot), then telnet into your router and update dnsmasq.conf to read:


where ‘’ is the TFTP server host name and ‘192.168.1.xx’ is the IP address of the same TFTP server.


Upgrading SheevaPlug’s U-Boot

Upgrading SheevaPlug’s U-Boot

This page describes how to install a new version of U-Boot on your SheevaPlug. U-Boot is the boot loader used on the SheevaPlug.

Version 3.4.19 integrates SD card support and improves support for FAT32 USB partitions (although USB support in general is still a bit flaky). Version 3.4.23 fixes a minor problem introduced in 3.4.19.

First of all, check which version of U-Boot is installed on your SheevaPlug to find out whether you have to perform this upgrade. Connect to U-Boot using the serial console and type:


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A Simple Dropbox Replacement

Here’s how to make your very own personal Dropbox replacement

1) Install the same version of ‘unison’ both on the server and client.  Install ‘inotify-tools’ on the client.  Create a folder on the client that you would like to use for syncing.

2) Install ‘openssh-server’ on the server.  Create a user on the server with the same name as the client that will be syncing to it.  Also create a sync folder in the user’s home folder.

3) To avoid being asked for the password all the time on the client:

  1. Generate an RSA key pair used to authenticate with the server (instead of using a password): ssh-keygen -t rsa
  2. Send your RSA key to your server: ssh-copy-id USERNAME@SERVER
  3. Now SSH to your server and it shouldn’t ask for a password. If you get an “Agent admitted failure to sign using the key” error, try ‘ssh-add’ and repeat this step.

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Asterisk & FreePBX Faxing Solution with IAXModem + Hylafax + AvantFax

This guide attempts to walk you through installing a faxing solution on top of Asterisk that has FreePBX as it’s frontend GUI/dialplan generator.

So for it to work, you need to be

1) Using Debian (this is a Debian guide btw)
2) Have a working Asterisk
3) Running FreePBX 2.7 or higher (don’t need that if you do manual dialplans tho)

The process is as follows:

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